Levera is a technical consultancy firm that offers strategic vision, ideas and technical resources for profitable business growth.

Our Mission

Grow your business

Offer strategic vision, ideas, direction, technical resource and training for profitable business growth.

Help identify product opportunities

Effective application of materials science and PSA based application technologies in the development, marketing and promotion of innovative products.

Gain new customers

Presentation of your company's products and services and assistance in gaining access to new customers and suppliers.

Build partnerships and alliances

Networking and identification of key supply chain players for strategic alliance with collaborative projects.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Development and validation of high reliability, functional and pharmaceutical labellings application end-use performance requirement for consumer benefit and compliance with national and international regulations and codes of practice.

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Competency Areas

PSA Materials Science and Application
Principal Consultant
Mr. Lee Chee Cheow
B.Sc.(Hons); M.Sc.

Transdermal Drug Delivery and Application
Chief Scientific Advisor
Dr. Lee Chee Wee

 Application Sectors...